CHEO - August 2016 Meeting


CHEO Meeting
Sunday, August 21, 2-4pm     (3rd Sunday)
@ Nutrition World Speaker Room

Homesteading Skills for Real Life
Katherine Merryfield of Merryfields Farm

At Merryfield Farms, west of Chattanooga near the Sequatchie / Marion County line, they live a simple lifestyle, and teach homesteading classes from their home in a concentric yurt (portable round tent-like home). Canning. Soap-making. Herbal Medicine Making. These are some of the homestead skills they teach so that anyone who wants to have the knowledge to live more simply will have the ability to do so. They raise cows, pigs and chickens...They live homesteading and at our Sunday, August 21 CHEO Meeting, Katherine Merryfield will provide basics on all these skills! Plan to attend and connect with a real off-the-grid homesteading community!

CHEO meetings are free and the public is invited! For more information, contact Rosemary Wagner at 423-309-1060.
CHEO - September 2016 Meeting

 CHEO Meeting
 Sunday, September 18, 2-4 pm    (3rd Sunday)

@ Nutrition World Speaker Room


Dr. Dan DeReuter, DC     

"The Intuitive Chiropractor"


Intuition is defined as direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension; a keen and quick insight; the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

Dr. Dan DeReuter says he relies on intuition in his chiropractic practice, combining it with years of training and experience to get to the root of challenges very rapidly. He watches the client move and walk, then “intuits” what may be wrong and with a multitude of techniques sets about correcting the challenges. Dr Dan also works on mental challenges and emotions intuitively, giving treatments on the client's head, and/or energetic treatments in the aura with equally amazing results.

At our CHEO meeting, Dr. Dan will provide FREE DEMOS on everyone attending who might want one, explaining Intuitive Chiropractive while providing free sessions on attendees.

Merry Johnson says her hip had been out of place for months; she'd been in agonizing pain, and “Dr Dan quickly got it back in place, several easy treatments that were so much better than surgery. His results are incredible!”

Located in Dalton GA, only 20 minutes from Chattanooga, Dr Dan offers 5 Intuitive Chiropractic treatments per month for only $79. He is also opening a health food store there.

CHEO Meetings are FREE and the public is invited. For more information, contact Merry Johnson, 706-952-1608.
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